Fundraising @ La Coccinelle

Would you like to help support La Coccinelle by making everyday purchases? Your purchases on groceries, gas, entertainment and household items can all help support our school! When you purchase a gift card through our partners at Fundscrip, a rebate goes back to La Coccinelle automatically! Gift cards work the same as cash. When you order $150 in gift cards, you pay $150 and you get $150 worth in gift cards! It’s that simple!


  1.  Complete the form (click on this link to view and print). Please feel free to photocopy and provide to all you family, friends and co‐workers.
  2. Place completed order form(s) and cheque(s) into the locked box in the classroom.
  3. Cheques are payable to: Pre‐Maternelle La Coccinelle ORDER FORM DEADLINE IS Friday November 7, 2014 
  4. Orders will be placed on Monday November 10th, 2014. Gift cards should arrive by November 14th and will be distributed to your class that week.
  5. ADDED BONUS: Once your order form has been processed, you can purchase gift cards at anytime throughout the year and La Coccinelle will continue to be supported! Just follow the steps on the  Quick Start Guide to sign up and order online at your convenience and ship your gift cards directly to your home!

For any questions, please email Nancy  at fundraising@la‐