La Coccinelle is organizing a fundraising in collaboration with SPUD Organic Produce.  SPUD is a full-scale online grocery store that delivers local, organic food to your home or workplace. SPUD focuses on real, healthy and sustainable produce and gives back to community groups through fundraising initiatives like this one.

When you buy fresh fruits and veggies, our fundraiser gets 25% back!  You could support our fundraiser simply by doing your grocery shopping. Just click on the image below.

Fund Scrip

Would you like to help support La Coccinelle by making everyday purchases? Your purchases on groceries, gas, entertainment and household items can all help support our school! When you purchase a gift card through our partners at Fundscrip, a rebate goes back to La Coccinelle automatically! Gift cards work the same as cash. When you order $150 in gift cards, you pay $150 and you get $150 worth in gift cards! It’s that simple! Click on the image below.

Magazine Subscriptions

Give a Gift, Buy or Renew your own magazine subscriptions. There are 650 magazine subscriptions available at up to 85% savings (La Coccinelle will receive 37% of each purchase amount!). Just click on the image below.

United Way

During the United Way drive, if you plan on making donations, please consider our own pre-school. We are a non-profit organization and a member of the United Way of Calgary – Donor Choice Program. All donations will receive a tax receipt for Income Tax purposes. Donations may be made through the United Way or other programs and some companies match your contribution. Alternatively as a Registered Charity we do issue Tax receipts for direct donations. If you have any questions please call our Chair.

T-Shirts and Music CDs

Ask one of the teachers about our great T-shirts and CDs! Kids shirts only $15. Audio CDs only $15.